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Volunteer Program Africa Wildlife Safari


Working with Animals is all in a Day's Work!

There can be no greater feeling than making a difference and with voluntary work it's possible to immerse yourself in a new culture, while being part of ground-breaking projects to conserve and protect wildlife.

By opting to help with exciting initiatives and important schemes, you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime, whatever your personal role in them involves.

Playing Your Part:

In terms of the sheer amount and variety of wildlife available to work with, Africa is one of the best locations in the world for taking part in animal volunteer work abroad. Whatever part of the continent you opt for, you are assured a warm welcome, exceptional landscapes and exciting projects which work hard to improve the welfare and prospects of native species.

Many endangered animals are still at risk from poaching, illness and changing environments, but thankfully conservation centres and zoos play a big part in putting breeding programmes in place, protecting animals and monitoring those existing in the wild. By working with animals you have a big part to play and are granted great responsibility and opportunities.

By heading to Africa, you have the opportunity to do your bit and help make a huge difference whether it is by caring for injured elephants, through to tracing the footsteps of lions and leopards in the wild. Your role may involve hands on care such as bathing and feeding animals, or more extensive work like tracking movements or making sure the environment is not presenting any hazards.

With a vast array of animals in need of support, a typical project could include working with giraffes, rhinos, elephants or perhaps even leopards, the most elusive and beguiling wild animal of all.

From working as an Assistant Game-Keeper to helping out at a zoo, there are plentiful opportunities to gain a greater insight into the challenges facing African wildlife and the projects which can increase their chances of survival.

Reaping the rewards:

Of course the most immediate reward is seeing the benefits of hard work and perseverance, when it comes to improvements in animal welfare. By seeing healthy animals, enjoying their environment and protected from harm, you see firsthand the results that can be achieved from a genuine passion, productive teamwork and shared interests.

Added to that, such incredible experience can be used when applying for conservation work at home or in other areas of the world. With a reputation for commitment to conserving wildlife and owing to the large complexity of cases, experience working in Africa will be viewed favourably by employers. Your personal experiences can also be useful when it comes to sharing information and raising awareness of the issues facing conservation in many parts of Africa.

Whether you choose to head to a remote part of South Africa or favour a beautifully haunting destination like Namibia, African wildlife is under threat and needs volunteers with compassion, willingness and a desire to improve the situation. By meeting like-minded people, getting up close and personal to native animals and using your passion and initiative, you can help eliminate some of these issues and ensure survival of some of the world's most beautiful species.


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