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Kenya Safari Budget Holidays

Kenya safari  is unique tour for its abundance and variety and these Kenya Safaris will show you the best. Visit lakes, park, mountains and open plains, with a fascinating insight into Kenya life and culture in between.

Why Choose Kenya Safari Tour Safari Budget Holidays

Kenya is the birthplace of the safari, the word meaning ‘journey’ in the Swahili language. However the days of white hunters wishing to bag themselves a trophy are long gone - travelers today are armed with cameras, binoculars and a passion for experiencing African wildlife in its natural habitat. Watching the sun go down over the Masai Mara is one of the most wonderful and magical experiences there are.

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city and is where most safari tours start. Its elevated position gives the city an enviable climate and there is plenty to keep you occupied before you head off on safari.

Most safari tours include two or three National Parks and game reserves, with an abundance and amazing variety of bird and animal life. Look out for lion and other wild cats, for elephant, rhino, giraffe, zebra and herds of antelope and other plains animals - see our National Park Guide opposite.

As you travel in between the parks you will pass the scattered villages and communities of rural Kenya and begin to understand their culture and way of life.

Around Mombasa on Kenya's east coast are scores of enticing, palm fringed beaches, washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean - a perfect place to relax after an exciting Kenya safari holiday. Here you will find romantic Beach Resorts set in flower filled, tropical gardens, where you can drink cocktails by the pool or enjoy some of the many water sports on offer.

For those wanting more beaches and less wildlife, there are a number of shorter safaris that start in Mombasa - enquire for details.

It's easy to understand why many travelers fall under Kenya's spell. It offers so many unforgettable experiences, vast lakes filled with flamingos, wide plains teeming with game and relaxing, lazy days of sunshine on the beach. Visit once and you are sure to want to return.

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